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What is brush plating and how does it work?  Brush plating is a way of electroplating gold, silver, copper and other metals without the use of a tank. As you can see in the picture, the gold plating solution is brushed on and with an electrical current supplied by the plating machine, the pure gold in the solution bonds to article being plated.   How could this process be useful to me? If you have anything electroplated, or if you're involved in electronics, antiques restoration, jewellery or model making, and want to be in control of your own electroplating process, this kit may well be ideal for you.

Gold plated golf balls, mobile phone, carrage lamp and rose gold earings Welcome to Spa Plating
We are the leading brush plating specialists in the UK and Australia, supplying the general public and industry with gold and silver electroplating kits.

Plating manual cover Brush Plating Training Manual  

Projects in the Brush Plating Training Manaul

Why choose us?  We go the furthest to ensure your success in brush plating by supplying you with;
  • Our exclusively designed plating solutions which provide consistent, top quality plating results.

  • Our fully illustrated manual, written with the complete beginner in mind. It takes a project led approach and starts with the basics of brush plating, gradually taking you through to more advanced techniques. It's an excellent introduction to the process and you can download it FREE by clicking HERE.

  • Competitively priced technical backup and training packages offered by a number of our highly-trained operators.

How do we achieve this? Our success rests on our technical expertise, supplied by Richard Palmer, BS(Chem), MRSC. He is the founder of the company and his qualifications in industrial chemistry, together with more than 30 years experience in electroplating guarantee our products lead the market in innovation and efficiency.



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